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Vislumbre Lingerie – Fashion Weekend Plus Size Inverno 2017

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40 thoughts on “Vislumbre Lingerie – Fashion Weekend Plus Size Inverno 2017

  1. Son sexis se ven seguras de si mismas imponen su personalidad felicitaciones por demostrar que para ser sexi no es necesario nada más que serlo y no hagan caso de la gente que trata de hacer comentarios ofensivos Saludos

  2. Horrorosas! Ninguém vai dizer que essas coisas são bonitas, só os mentirosos dizem que elas são bonitas. Querem ser obesas, que sejam, mas não critiquem o mundo por achar que vocês são feias e gordas. Não é pré-conceito, é conceito mesmo.

  3. and this is why Ashley Graham is one of the most successful ones…she is so voluptuous without being "fat" somehow…also, with her body you get the feeling that this is how it is meant to be…amazing.

    but what the heck is this vid? apart from 2:02, half of these girls in the vid are nothing else but fat with insane amounts of cellulitis…1:18 i mean this just bad.

  4. Oh comoon the future people will eventually look back history saying "Some weird people liking over fat tank bodies"

    You know that there is a limit for weight example 3:24 10kg off and would be the perfect xl. There are big womens and there are these blue whales.

  5. lose some weight .. and drop the i'm fat and beautiful bullshit because it's fucking bad for your health and no you're not beautiful stop lying to your self

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