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Why Do People Love Celebrity Gossip So Much?

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Celebrities are just like normal people – except that we want to know exactly who they’re dating, what they’re eating, and everything they’re doing at all times. So why are us lowly folk obsessed with celebrity gossip? John and Hannah find out!

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33 thoughts on “Why Do People Love Celebrity Gossip So Much?

  1. People get caught up in celebrity gossip because it's like a movie or tv show. Filled with drama.

    Plus their own lives are boring and not as interesting. Funny thing is that most gossip is exaggerated, spun over the top or even completely false.

  2. If it weren't for celebrities, we'd have to worry about stuff that matters…if we worried about stuff that matters, we'd realise we are in deep shit. Who want's to be in deep shit,right?

     hurray for willful ignorance!!

  3. If it's worthy of a laugh, that's about the only time I might care.  Though I'm also one of those who couldn't put a face to the name, unless we're talking Arnold Schwarzenegger, or some other really big name…though some would probably slip by me.

  4. Ppl who are watching the Thinktank channel are getting obsessed with its celebrities and anchors, they want to know EVERY GOSSIP of their lives. Come on John, Hannah and Lisa, your fans want to know everything about you. They want to know exactly who you're dating, what you're eating, and everything you're doing at all times. How many times do you have sex in a day? How many Mcmansions do you own? What instruments do you play? Whats is your favorite underwear color? How many languages do you speak? PLEASEE Tell your fans more about you than about random celebrities!

  5. I feel like the "new" obsession with celebrity gossip in America can be regional too. I haven't lived in every state of the union but I can tell you that in the middle and southern Appalachian Mountain societies it can be considered a taboo for having interest in celebrities. Possibly due to obvious culture clashes between Hollywood and the Appalachians but I don't exactly know why. We do sell gossip mags around here and sell movies, etc but still to have a strong interest seems taboo.

  6. We are obsessed with the people we see on tv because they are more important than the average person. People on tv need (and are) to be worshipped, .

  7. I could not care less about celebrities, especially people who are in the entertainment industry, simply not relevant to me. Ofc I know some of the biggest ones, their names are hard to avoid. 🙂

    Who cares if Justin Bieber spat on his fangirls or complaining about Nicki Minaj's T&A? Tell me instead how many bears Putin wrestled while naked last week or how many Greek babies Merkel ate yesterday while goosestepping to dubstep. A joke, before anyone kills me.

  8. I'm not obsessed but i give a damn because I don't have a fulfilled life with friends or girlfriends.or close family. I'm proud to say that.

  9. I think Hannah's new hairdo suits her very well 🙂

    On celebrity gossip: stranger's lives that has nothing to do with yours shouldn't be suddenly "important" because they're well known. Useless information to occupy a place in your brain imo

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