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Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot & Chris Pine Reveal Behind The Scenes Stories & More | People NOW | People

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“Wonder Woman” stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine open up about filming the superhero movie, dishing on the how the female-powered film “flipped the script”. Plus, Connie Nielson and Danny Huston talk about working on the “empowering” set.
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Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot & Chris Pine Reveal Behind The Scenes Stories & More | People NOW | People

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37 thoughts on “Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot & Chris Pine Reveal Behind The Scenes Stories & More | People NOW | People

  1. What a movie!!! Gal (were no longer waiting) Gadot is perfect, all the women are great, Chris is a treat and his three side kicks are such rich characters, David Thewlis as Aries, the War God, and there is this great plot twist at the end. Well done. Can't wait for the sequel.

  2. " i love men who embrace the loving side", right… And you will still sleep with the man who doesn't give a shit, You cannot take a woman's words literally. Actions speaks louder than words, nice guys gets friend zoned (mostly), c'mon people.. stop eating this media junk, WAKE UP!

  3. "it really looks like the New Age with man caring for children while the women are doing the battle on the beach", said the Jew.
    That beauty only means we ought to put a bag over before gassing.

  4. How to make your Universe succesfull? Find a guy name Chris! I still sad that he would never play Hal Jordan but god dammit it's great that he join DC it's the best casting choice that I've ever see in DC with all the respect to Afleck, Gadot and Cavill my money are with Pine in this one.

  5. 크리스파인 와꾸 관리 안합니까 영화에서는 조금 봐줄만했는데 인터뷰에서 외모 성의 안보입니까 갤가돗 프로정신으로 풀메하고 나왔는데 크리스이냄져는 수염에 머리까지기르고 살은 물살에..총체적 난국. 냄져들아 아무리 공백기라도 얼굴이랑 연기로 먹고사는 입장이면 예의 좀 갖춰라

  6. What's offensive about these statements? Is that they think men don't embrace the loving side or aren't supportive as fathers. That's offensive because men have been supportive as father's all throughout history it's not a new thing at all.

  7. Reminds me of why the authorities banned Volkswagens in Africa… Because thosed Fkin Elephants are Fkin things with trunks in the front!! See why I am nuts on my this channel!

  8. уже несколько раз наблюдая Криса Пайна в интерью,мне приходит в голову мысль что он мог бы сыграть Росомаху, по крайней мере внешне точно)

  9. Saw the movie and it was indeed epic although at times hard to focus because of the Amazonian women including Wonder Woman lol but ultimately a great film loads of action, war like sequences and feeling to it 9/10 for me honestly

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