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WOW! Donald Trump’s Leaked Phone Calls and Michelle Carter Finally Sentenced…

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Michelle Carter Sentencing:
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36 thoughts on “WOW! Donald Trump’s Leaked Phone Calls and Michelle Carter Finally Sentenced…

  1. I can assure you,
    Even if Carter does a lil time, if she doesn't – either way, this is one of those things that is going to follow her and be right there with her every single day for the rest of her ever.
    An old expression comes to mind: The evil you do will always follow you.
    She'll learn that. She NEEDS to learn that too. What she did was far beyond reed Carter(that's code for 'retarded ' but I rather not use that term). Imo, I would suggest to Michelle Carter, get to know God. Her soul And her spirit(obviously) are lacking. And then maybe some day she'll actually have a conscience.

  2. Trump what a fucking idiot I don't blame him for being an incompetent president I blame all the retards that voted for him thinking that any of his promises or at least the biggest one (wall) are possible but what can you expect from the "greatest country on earth"(certainly the most powerful) who also happens to be I believe ranked number 27th in education

  3. Since when does our first amendment protect the incitement of violence or unlawfulness? This clown didn't just wish death upon her ex, she actively pushed him to it. She incited the ultimate violence which ended with a dead, lost soul. Freedom of speech does not apply to this case what so ever.

  4. I think she should serve years for the assisted suicide of her boyfriend at the very least. It was clear from her messages and involvement in his death that she did indeed have malicious intent with their interactions. As someone who has been suicidal and dated those going through the same mental state in the past, her responses are in no way going for his best interest. She acted with the intention to gain something, it make me physically repulsed to think that she is being sentenced so lightly.

  5. Okay, I defend freedom of speech like a son of a bitch. However, there are some things that don't fall under the category of free speech. Most importantly is a call to action that results in someone getting harmed. For example, if you yell out "FIRE" in a crowded building and people panic and rush out resulting in someone getting hurt or killed, the person who called out is responsible because of their call to action. Influencing people to do things makes you liable for those things happening.

  6. In cases where there's definitive proof of someone intentionally taking another person's life, they should have the rest of theirs in prison without question. (Though… never a death sentence. There's always a small chance that someone got something wrong, and we've had people proven innocent years after their executions before.)

  7. Personally I think that the fact she was encouraging him to commit suicide is a massive mental health problem and I think it makes more sense for her to be in counseling and for her to get the help she needs rather than serving a harsh sentence. I mean of course what she did is completely disgusting and immoral, but she would be better off getting help.

  8. I feel like she murdered that kid. Depression will have you staring down a cliff face contemplating your last bad idea. People differ when dealing with that shit and some them need to be talked down. What she did equates to putting a gun in his hand, she just used a mobile phone.

  9. She didnt Involuntarily kill him. Involuntary is when you accidentally kill someone.. she knew what she was doing she was pushing hin to kill hinswlf.. she straight up 1st degree murdered him. 25 years to life got away with 15 months… bullshit.

  10. Regarding the freedom of speech argument, yes you can say what you want but you do have to face the repercussions of said speech carter had the right to say what he did but now she has to confront what her words caused which was death

  11. This psychotic bitch should've been given at the very least a decade behind bars. Is she mentally disturbed ? Perhaps. That does not make it so she's unnacountable for her actions. GIven, two years is better than no years, but to abuse someone into suicide is a measure of deliberate, planned, express cruelty that is nothing but psychopathic and egomaniacal. Fuck her, and the judge that sentenced her. I can't help but feel that if it had been her boyfriend doing this to her, he would've gotten 20 years on his ass.

  12. About the leaked phone call transcripts, I agree with Colbert that you shouldn't leak those. If heads of government start to worry about how, whatever they say or however they say it on any call, affects their re-election nothing will ever get done. And yes, that WILL be a priority to every one of them.

  13. Freedom of speech has limits. Period. One of these limits that has been supported by SCOTUS throughout the history of the US is that protection under the amendment ends where harm to another individual begins. This is a joke of a sentence and Michelle Carter should be held accountable for what should've been charged as homicide.

  14. In the courtroom photos, she looks like a demon sent to us by God to make us wonder if convincing someone to kill themself is as bad as killing them. We say the line lies between words and force, but at what point are words as effective as actions? Is provocation ever assault?
    I'D fuck her.

  15. To play devils advocate, what about the possibility of Carter viewing the suicide as a good thing for her boyfriend? People who are depressed/debating suicide often view the act in a more positive manner. It can be seen as liberating, a way to escape a poor life, to take control one last time etc.

    So, assuming Carter was in a similar mental state as her boyfriend, is it possible through her own twisted and damaged rationale that her intentions weren't vicious or cruel? That maybe she genuinely thought suicide was the best option for him? And that her nudges towards it was through her eyes, doing something she didn't want (losing her boyfriend) for something that she believed would help him?

    Now, even assuming this was the case though I don't think that constitutes as low a sentence as she's gotten. Cause even then it enters the "Murderer under Insanity" territory.

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